What is light Therapy?

TM was developed after 12 years of extensive medical research. It is a new technology based on narrowband light emitting diodes (LEDs).  At MFC we use the TM revive and the TM Plus products for treating a wide range of conditions including, Wrinkle reduction, post surgical wound healing, photo dynamic therapy(PDT) and pain management.
What does TM light therapy do?

TM light therapy stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation, in other words it helps the body to heal itself, and regenerate more effectively and more quickly.

Light therapy is incredibly effective as a treatment course in itself as it stimulates collagen and blood circulation, resulting in brighter, radiant and smoother skin with less visible fine lines.

After treatments such as microdermabrasion and peels TM is highly effective in calming the skin and stimulating the cells resulting in a more effective treatment.

Post surgically TM stimulates collagen and enables the bodies’ own mechanisms to heal more effectively and efficiently. Wounds will heal at twice the normal speed!
What happens during an TM light therapy treatment?

The TM treatment is one of the rare experiences where you do gain a lot without the pain! To experience TM you will be asked to lie down on a confortable bed and the area to be treated will be cleansed for most effective penetration of the light. Once you are comfortable, your therapist will lower the light over the area to be treated on your face or body. The light will not touch you; however it will be placed as close as is comfortable over the treatment area.

The treatment time is 20 minutes, so you just have to lie back and relax and let the LEDs do their work!
How many times should I have an TM treatment?

You will see and feel the results of an TM after a single treatment; however we recommend 3-9 treatments at least 3 times per year, for your best results.
Please contact one of our consultants on 1300322337 to see if TM is suitable for you.