There are many microdermabrasion clinics across Sydney however we offer a new technique which adds to the current treatments. Microhydrabrasion clinics in Sydney provide a deep cleanse for your skin through professional and proven treatments.

Regular use of moisturisers, sunblock and makeup can cause clogging of the pores, leaving your skin looking dull and dehydrated. Regular cleansing and exfoliating products certainly help however these products do not penetrate deep enough into the pores and follicles of the skin to give a complete and thorough clean. To combat these shortfalls of regular cleansers, we have seen the gap in the beauty industry and joined the list of dedicated microhydrabrasion clinics in Sydney.

Our minivac microhydrabrasion system will give your skin a complete clean. A clean like never before!  Like traditional microdermabrasion systems and standard treatments offered in microdermabrasion clinics across Sydney, the minivac uses a diamond tip to gently yet effectively exfoliate the skin, however it cleans simultaneously too! Once the skin has been exfoliated and cleaned a water wash is applied to the skin to suck out and deeply cleanse any leftover exfoliated skin and debris.

The combination of the microdermabrasion exfoliation, vacuum and added water cleanse provides a truly effective and soothing treatment that is one step further than the traditional microdermabrasion. Experience a microhydrabrasion treatment today and enjoy cleaner more radiant skin.

Microhydrabrasion is an effective treatment for face, décolletage and hands. As one of the dedicated microhydrabrasion clinics in Sydney we pride ourselves on our personalised care and professionalism.

Your treatment

When you come in to our clinic for your first microhydrabrasion treatment, your therapist will explain the process to you. You will be informed of the differences between this treatment and that of microdermabrasion. Our Therapists will give you some tips about what to do and what not to do after your treatment for example, you should not use products that contain active ingredients such as AHA’s and Vitamin A for at least 2 days after your treatment. Your therapist will also apply sunscreen and moisturiser to the areas of your face, décolletage or neck that have been treated.

How microhydrabrasion works in professional clinics

50830_microhydrabrasion-treatment-detail_080611110324_591wYour skin, neck and décolletage will be thoroughly cleansed and dried to prepare for exfoliation. Your therapist will then gently apply the diamond tip with suction working in a grid like manner across the areas to be treated. This will exfoliate and remove all of the unwanted dead skin. The therapist will then decide if some areas need an additional ‘pass’ with the diamond tip to ensure the best result. Once this part of the treatment has been completed, water and suction is applied to the face, décolletage or hands to deeply clean the pores removing all traces of dead skin and debris revealing a soft and radiant complexion.

The results of a microhydrabrasion treatment will delight you for weeks. For best results you should continue regular microhydrabrasion treatments at our clinic every 4-6 weeks.

Book your appointment with one of our cosmetic consultants for your personalised treatment package today.