Face peelsOur chemical peel clinic in Sydney was established to provide clients with an alternative to surgical facial rejuvenation options. We offer you the chance to experience a facial cleanse that addresses your skin problems or concerns without having to go under the knife. Facial rejuvenation clinics in Sydney can offer a variety of facial rejuvenation techniques which may address your concerns.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are solutions applied to the surface of the skin to strip away the outermost layers, revealing the fresh new skin beneath. They are used to treat a variety of skin conditions – from dryness or dullness to acne, rosacea and pigmentation. We find that patients who are hesitant to undergo some more intensive forms of resurfacing are most comfortable with a chemical peel, which offers a safer method of skin rejuvenation than some other methods. Our chemical peel clinic in Sydney is well equipped to handle your treatment with care and professionalism.

Your treatment

The peel solutions’ ingredients range from naturally occurring chemicals to herbal extracts to synthetic chemicals, and their effects range from mildly brightening to quite aggressive skin resurfacing.

The formulation we apply within our facial rejuvenation clinic depends strictly on your skin type and individual concerns. Peels can restore your moisture or pH levels, treat dryness or improve skin texture and blemishes, remove dead skin cells and act as an antioxidant property for your skin.

We use the strongest peels when there is a need to induce a more profound resurfacing effect, treating sun damage or pigmentation problems. These are also quite effective for treating moderately wrinkled skin.


After your treatment within our facial rejuvenation clinic, your skin will appear sunburnt and will flake. Healing occurs after about seven days with your skin appearing pink and fresh. Skin returns to normal after approximately one month, during which time exposure to sun must be avoided and sunscreen with a high SPF worn to combat further sun damage.

Why us?

Our chemical peel clinic in Sydney offers clients a personalised service that ensures you are treated with professionalism and achieve appropriate results. Your face is the first thing people notice when they see you, so you want to ensure your chemical peel is completed by a qualified therapist in one of the facial rejuvenation clinics in Sydney. We ensure that our products and treatments are only medical grade so that you can achieve your facial rejuvenation goals.

To experience what it is like to be treated in one of the most personalised facial rejuvenation clinics Sydney wide, call us today to make a booking.