The appearance of frown lines and wrinkles can result in a prematurely aged appearance. Some of our patients prefer to alleviate the problem without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Wrinkle treatments offer an effective non-invasive alternative for reducing lines and revitalising the appearance by selectively limiting the movement of various facial muscles. It results in smoother skin and a younger look and feel.

Wrinkle treatments, also known as muscle relaxants or anti-wrinkle injections, are commonly used for cosmetic facial enhancement. We use them to treat crow’s feet around the eyes, the frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) and the worry lines across the forehead. The marionette or sad lines, from the corner of the mouth to the chin, can also be effectively treated with muscle relaxants. We can also the same treatment to produce the effect of a brow lift by relaxing the muscles that drag down the brow, and to reshape the lower face to achieve a more attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The treatment works selectively on the wrinkle-causing muscles, allowing the wrinkles to relax away, leaving facial expression free of lines, or at least significantly reduced. We administer several small injections just under the skin, resulting in reduced nerve stimulation to muscles. The entire procedure is relatively simple and takes only a few minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated and your individual requirements.

After the anti-wrinkle treatment it is usually three days before the muscles begin to relax and lines are reduced, reaching maximum effect in about one week. After that, the results will continue to be apparent for around three to four months but sometimes up to six months or even longer, depending on your individual response to the treatment. There is often a long-lasting benefit even after treatment is stopped, as the lack of repetitive contraction means muscles have become somewhat less powerful and therefore cause the skin to wrinkle less.

We believe three important terms in anti-wrinkle treatments are ‘character’, ‘natural’ and ‘youthful’. Through precise placement we aim to allow your individual character and expression to be maintained.


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